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Odessa is one of the main tourist destinations of Ukraine. It's nicknamed the southern capital of the country.

Odessa combines magnificent architecture and beautiful nature. So during any Odessa tour you will enjoy it all. The city was built by the foreigners, so everybody can feel here like being at home. Every years more than a million guests visit Odessa, Ukraine.

More than 130 nationalities live here. It gives a specific character to this nice city.

According to your request I will organize you any Odessa tour / excursion you wish. I can offer you my general and thematic tours or you can construct your own one.

Odessa tours and excursions I organize in English and Greek:

Panoramic city tour (walking and driving)

Odessa City Council

Odessa palaces

Odessa Abaza palace

Greek Odessa

Odessa Greek Street

Belgorod-Dnestrovsky fortress

Belgorod-Dnestrovsky fortress



Jewish Odessa

Odessa Jewish Pogrom Memorial

Odessa catacombs

Odessa Catacombs

Odessa every day life (off the beaten track)

Odessa markets

Odessa beauties (HD tour)

The most of Odessa (FD tour)

Odessa walking tour(HD tour)


Any tour can be organized according to your individual plan using Mercedeses, Lexuses, yachts, helicopters etc. You may stay in luxury hotel with swimming pool or in a private appartment with jacuzzi.

Odessa Yacht

In Odessa there are so many interesting places to see and to visit! Don't miss them: cable car, Odessa eye, parks and cafes are waiting for you.

Odessa Eye

Odessa sunset

Odessa cable car

Odessa capuccino

I will also assist you with transfer to and from the airport / train station of Odessa (other cities of Ukraine). During the transfer you will get all the needed information about the country, city and local traditions.

There are some sights which should not be missed while in Odessa:

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater

Being constructed according to the plan of Austrian architects, it is the pearl of Odessa, Ukraine. It houses 1507 spectators. The acoustics there is amazing. Sitting even at the top rows you will hear the wisper of the singer on a stage.


Odessa Passage

Passage in Odessa, Ukraine was constructed by the Polish architect Vlodek. It connects the main street, Deribasovskaya with Transfiguration street. Passage was created as the biggest book shop of Odessa, Ukraine. The top floors were and are used as a hotel.

Potemkin Steps

Potemkin Stairway

Potemkin stairway is the front entrance to the Odessa, Ukraine. It is the most well-known monument of the city. Projected by architect Boffo it had 200 steps. After the reconstruction it has 192 steps. The staircase became legendary after being the shooting place for famous mute movie "Battleship Potemkin" in 1925.

Odessa Main Synagogue

Odessa Main Synagogue

Odessa Main Synagogue was built in 1850 according to Franc Morandy project. Today it is the biggest operating synagogue in Odessa. The building houses the synagogue itself and Jewish university.

Transfiguration Cathedral

Odessa Transfiguration Cathedral

Transfiguration Cathedral is the biggest Orthodox Cathedral in Odessa. It consists of three floors. First floor houses graves of Michael Vorontsov, the governor of Odessa and his wife, Elizabeth Vorontsov. When all three floors are opened, the Cathedral houses 1200 visitors.

City Garden

Odessa City Garden

Odessa City Garden is the first park of downtown. It is more than 200 years old. The City Garden was a present of Odessa founder's brother, Felix De Ribas. Now it is the place of Odessa criminals' monument, monument to the 12th chair, Odessa heart and some others.

Richelieu monument

Odessa Richelieu monument

Armand Emmanuel Sophie Septimanie de Vignerot du Plessis, (5th) Duke of Richelieu was born in France. He came to Odessa after French revolution and was governing the city for eleven years. He gave us first lyceum, first theater, first library. Invented famous free port regime which gave a great boost to Odessa economy.

Tiger cannon

Odessa Cannon

Deribasovskaya street


Odessa Arcadia beach

Arcadia is a Greek word which means "entrance to God", a paradise place. Odessa Arcadia is a resort area, as well as the district of the luxuriest real estate. It combines beaches, cafes, hotels, restaurants, clubs and discos. All the discos here are outdoor and they are opened from the middle of May untill the middle of September. In Arcadia you can find: Aura beach club, Ё Moscow, Ibiza, Itaka, Shanti beach club, Secret etc.