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Odessa Jews and Jewish Tours

According to its first census Odessa had 240 Jews in the very beginning. Odessa Jewish population was 10 %. Later on Belarus, Germany and Austria Jews settled here. They were doctors, lawyers, merchants. Steven Tsipperschtein says that Odessa Jewish congregation became one of the biggest and even the most modern in the pale of settlement, the most cultural in Europe which reflected the life of Jews in Russian Empire. So, in the middle of 19th century Odessa had 25% of Jews and by the end of it there were even 35%!

Odessa was called 'the gate to Zion'. Some Jewish newspapers and magazines were published here. You have surely heard about Mendele Moikher Sforim and Vladimir Jabotinsky. They were all living in Odessa.

For the Jewish people Odessa had everything: schools, books, kosher food etc. But it wasn’t always so brilliant here. Later on Odessa Jews faced numerous pogroms and even Holocaust in 1941. It resulted in the reduction of Jewish population of Odessa. Now the Jews compose only 3% of total Odessa population.

During our Jewish tour you will get acquainted with Odessa detailed Jewish history. You will visit the places of famous and important Odessa Jews. You will learn about Odessa Jews nowadays.

Our Odessa Jewish tour will be tailored especially for you according to your preferences and wishes. It can be walking, driving and walking or just driving. If you don't have special itinerary, we will offer you general Odessa Jewish tour.

I will be your personal local Jewish guide and consultant throughout your stay in Odessa.

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Odessa Jewish tour